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Geographic location, farmland, forest resources.
The municipality of Radnevo is situated in Southeastern Bulgaria (in the east of Upper Thracian Valley), and is bounded by the Municipalities - Stara Zagora, Nova Zagora, Tunja, Topolovgrad, Gulubovo and Opan. The geographical location of municipality defines it as one of the most important transport junction in Southern Bulgaria. In the structure of the land fund of the municipality Radnevo prevail lands for agriculture. They take up 69.9% from its whole territory. Territories for mining are 19.3% of the area. The forest areas cover 4.2%. The areas of transport and infrastructure occupy 0.5% of the entire area and
fund "Inhabited areas and urban territories" comprises 2.6%. The municipality had land fund for agricultural use about 91% from the total fund before the beginning of mining activities, the land for timber use - 4% and fund inhabited areas 5%.
After the beginning of the extraction of  lignite the picture of the area began to change dramatically. It led to the reduction of cultivated lands, forest fund and the settlements, whereas the territories for extraction of minerals and uncultivated lands began to increase.
The projected developments show that by 2015 - 2020, this tendency will continue, cultivated land will represent 65.31% of the total land fund (farmland - 53.39%, forests - 3.06%, fund settlements - 4.71%). Uncultivated lands grow to 33.76% of the total land fund of the municipality.





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