The main wealth of the municipality is the  large ledge of lignite which are extracted be an open method  over an area of 103 square km. The extraction of lignite for energy ranges from 21 to 30 million a year.
The deposit of lignite in Radnevo is included in the East coalfield.  The power of the coal horizon is 30 meters.The coal is a low calorie with high moisture content, ash and sulfur. General industrial reserves of coal are around 2,630 million tonnes.
The municipality has no deposits of mineral ore.
Of natural building materials are established industrial reserves of gypsum. Gypsum deposit is a part of Radnevo gipseous area - between the rivers Sazliyka and Ovcharitsa.
There have been found 12 industrial deposits - irregular lens-like bodies in calcareous clays located above the coal pliocenes sedimentary area. Gypsum forms  figures of different sizes : chunky, twins and single crystals cemented with clay material.
The mine deposit  has been operated since 1931  and it was the only source of gypsum in Bulgaria till the opening of the mine in the village of Koshava.
The river aggregates are produced in quantities necessary to meet local needs in different areas of the rivers Sazliyka and Blatnitsa.
The municipality is delivering cost-effective mining. Annually the coal represents 80% - 84% of the total annual coal production in Bulgaria.



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