Water Resources of the municipality of are not large. Their quantity  depends on the irregular aboundance  of rivers and limited rainfalls during the summer.
The major water resource is the river Sazliyka , which forms its flow in the southern slopes of Surnena Sredna Gora. The hydrographic network of river Sazliyka is asymmetric with predominant left tributaries, of which the biggest are the river Blatnitsa, the river Ovcharitsa and the river Sokolnitsa. All rivers of the river system which are the tributaries of the Sazliyka are affected by the mining works. At present  all the water from the river system of the rivers Ovcharitsa and Blatnitsa make their tributary under Radnevo and the rest - in the area used for mining comprising  Gipsovo quarter in Radnevo and the village of Lyubenovo. That contributed river Sazliyka to become more abounding in water in a place where it will be affected by mining operations.
There are 22 dams in the municipality. The groundwater in the region of the municipality is from the quaternary sediments of the ancient terraces. They are temporary except in the cases when they are fed by draining water from sand formations. It is  typical of groundwater in the area to be with a high content of sulfates and total dissolved solids.
The main purpose of private irrigation wells is the irrigation of the private lands and some of them are also used for drinking. Their general condition is unsatisfactory. The results of the analysis show high levels of nitrates and hardness, which means high level of calcium and magnesium ions. In the villages of Maza and Troianovo  was found presence of microorganisms, which determines its unsuitability for drinking.
Spring waters in Radnevo, villages Topolyane and Matsa,quarter Gipsovo and the village of Kovachevo approach the contents of mineral waters.



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