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With the implementation of the "New Life for the Past":

  • will be solved the problem of the fate of archaeological monuments, doomed to disappear and remain unknown to the public, despite their cultural and historical uniqueness;

  • will transform the municipality of Radnevo and the region into a tourist attractive target by forming an impressive product and which has never been seen before. At the same time, turning the park into a place for the work of cultural and educational institutions in the area and even nationwide, will focus on relatively rare empowering the lives of young people in scientific and cultural activities;

  • will create a live connection with the monuments of the past from different eras outside the museum environment and create conditions for further action. Outdoor recreation to cultural and historical facts in space with very pronounced transport communication, it will turn it into a place where one can realize a close relationship with the surrounding centers with a developed tourist infrastructure and perspective. Thus the devoid of attraction and interest for tourism center will become a subject of interest. The possibilities for the use of natural attractions with the formation of the park will add one more possibility for visitors of all agesq more interest in cultural and historical past;

  • will create conditions for building a tourist information center, which wasn’t available so far in this city;

  • the uniqueness of the project and the availability of the park will increase attendance and interest in the city and the region and the entire bound for sea resorts and to neighboring Turkey international flow of tourists. The town of Radnevo has opportunities to become a place of undeniable interest from foreign tourists and professionals;

  • the possibility to trace the features of funeral rites for more than 2000 years;

  • the possibility for the visitor to meet the domestic environment of the medieval man, to try to participate in activities typical of the life and then to experience them making/ for example, making and baking of pottery in the reconstructed copy of the furnace from Iskritsa and similar /.



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