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  • Preparation and implementation of works for the infrastructure of the park
  • Preparation and implementation of the reconstruction of archaeological substance on a hypothetical reconstruction and artistic reproduction of the interior sites
  • Supply and installation of alarm system, video surveillance.
  • Supply and installation of manufactured equipment and introduction of new technologies and software system for management of tourist attractions in the Archaeological Park in order to provide the necessary effective management of tourist attractions in the park which will contribute to a fuller acquaintance of visitors:
  • Supply and installation of attraction facility - modular stage platform.
  • Organization and holding regular press conferences, publications periodic press releases and media materials
  • Preparation, organization and conduct of scientific-practical conference on the socialization of cultural and natural heritage
  • Preparation and development of two info-panels representing the EU assistance.
  • Design and production of promotional materials
  • Preparation and implementation of performance-reconstruction of events from the past of this region.
  • Preparation and implementation of vocational training in the professions "Guide".



The contents of this page is created within the project BG161PO001/3.1-02/2009/015 "New Life for the past", which is performed with the financial support of Operative Program "Regional Development" 2007-2013,co-financed by the European Union through
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