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Radnevo has applied for the "New Life for the Past" under Priority Axis 3 "Sustainable development of tourism" operation 3.1 "Improvement of tourist attractions and related with them infrastructure" Scheme Grant BG 161PO001/3.1-02/2009 " Support for the development of  the tourist attractions "Operating programme for Regional Development  from 2007 to 2013. – we invest in your future!
On 28.12.2010 was signed a Contract № BG161PO001/3.1-02/2009/015 to provide grants for the project "New Life for the Past." The project is worth 4,038 858.36 levs, the value of the grant is 3 150 421.27 levs.
The project duration is 24 months.

The Archaeological Park Radnevo "New Life for the past" includes activities of various sectors to varying degrees related to the objectives of the OPRD scheme to grant "Support for the development of tourist attractions." Economically, the project activities are focused on the overall goal of the program to promote regional economic development through optimum utilization of cultural heritage. The project in its design and content goes in two directions - improvement within the area of the municipality of Radnevo,  turning a barren and disfigure the image of the city location, in a beautiful and attractive park environment through restoration of an archaeological substance with a hypothetical reconstruction of discovered but non-existent anymore archaeological heritage, covering the period from the Bronze Age in 2000 BC to the Middle Ages. And the preservation and socialization of this archaeological treasure, enriching the diversity of the local economy through the development of cultural tourism, making archaeological and historical sites and events, and natural resources of the area into a tourist attraction by stimulating the creation of new tourism businesses in the specialized travel super-and infrastructure- hotel, restaurant, agency, tour, transportation and other travel services.
The economic structure of the Municipality of Radnevo is characterized by the priority development of Energetic and Mining. The opportunities for the development of tourism are underestimated, despite the favorable location and rich natural and cultural - historical resources. The municipality of Radnevo is surrounded by 4 Local cultural systems - "The Valley of the Kings," "The Sword and the Cross,", "Stone Heart" and "Plovdiv and the Roman Empire" determined by the Strategic Plan for the development of cultural tourism in Bulgaria. With the implementation of the project are created prerequisites for turning the tourism into a source and guarantee for sustainable economic development of the region and it will boost the development of tourism infrastructure and service structures which meet the requirements of regular tourists.
The creation of the archaeological park allows the municipality of Radnevo municipality to be included in major tourist destinations of local and foreign tour operators.
The creation of "Archaeological Park" makes it possible to represent in the park interesting patterns and extremely important for the history of this region partially reconstructed selected examples from different eras. Thus these unknown will call for a "new life", the announce except for Science, discoveries which will become an attraction fully exploited in a suitable environment and animated by various activities. This will give a chance to an unknown, but with a rich history and cultural specificity area to become the subject of greater interest from visitors.


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